Cheap Ejuice (Wholesale to the Public)

This idea of wholesale to the public is the first ever! Our E-Juice has always been dirt cheap but now call it wholesale cheap. The advantages of this new concept will save everyone money. We thought “Is it possible” to make costs as low for the public as it is for a brick and mortar buying bulk? We have found a way to do exactly that. Enjoy our super low-priced vaping products at a wholesale price.

What is wholesale to the public?

The chart above breaks down our prices for what wholesale to the public looks like. Cheap vape juice with the best vape ingredients is now offered to you at the lowest cost per ML. How is this possible you might ask? It took a few days of crunching numbers but we came up with pricing extremely fair to the vape community as a whole and ourselves as being the manufactures.

Vape wholesale prices are all about breaking down each MG of nicotine, bottle size, flavoring, PG, and VG and finding out the cost of each of these vape juice ingredients then pricing the product according to the smallest dollar amount of each. That way you get your nicotine alternative for a much lower price than anywhere else on the web.

Cheap E-Juice Pricing Structure for Public wholesale

DCE Pricng.png

Benefits for the Public

Here are some benefits you have shopping here with our wholesale to the public concept

  • Save big on just your one to two bottle purchases.

  • Try several flavors for a low cost

  • Buy bulk vape juice to last all month.

  • Quality Product in large amounts

  • You could resell at MSRP (contact us)

Difference between DIY and Inexpensive E-Juice

A lot of people may think this concept is similar to DIY (Do it Yourself ) vape juice, but it’s more like buying a bottle of ejuice with the same pricing structure as DIY. Many times a vape shop offers vape supplies (ingredients) for people to build juices at home. When someone purchases ingredients separate they are able to save big. They can build out their vape juice cheap and to the flavor liking, they are looking for.

We have something even better to offer. Rather than find all the proper ingredients and the best sources for those ingredients, just let us do all of that for you. We have a request box when ordering your high-quality cheap e juice, so you could actually ask for a flavor adjustment. I think the best way to explain our offer and concept will be that we offer DIY prices but take away the hassle of building the juices and searching for the right ingredients. We build out an expensive process cheap and offer it at this low cost just for you.

Can our Ingredients be Trusted?

You're in luck! We have done all the research for you. Since 2012 we have manufactured the best cheap ejuice and from that point, we have worked to build relationships with only the best vape ingredient providers. All of our ingredients are USA sourced and made, this creates a better product and more trust with those who vape it. One more great point as to why this product can be trusted is the flavoring is food grade. This means even our flavoring is of the highest quality. So yes, this product is highly valuable and full of the best quality ingredients.  

Can inexpensive ejuice be dangerous?

Yes, it very well can be. There is no secret as to why inexpensive ejuice could potentially be dangerous. The most obvious risk of inexpensive vape juice is the potential dangers of foreign ingredients. You can hear and see from several avenues that these foreign ingredients have caused harm to the physical body. Your solution to avoiding this potential is to do research on the company that you are purchasing your vape juice from.

Yes our Juices are inexpensive but our ingredients are not

We clearly have super inexpensive vape juice offers but did you know our ingredients are quite the opposite. We take pride in building out high-quality vapor liquid. So through six years of creating these awesome flavor blends, we have developed very sound relationships with the ingredients manufactures. We do not speak on the safety of vape juice in terms of claims but we do know our ingredients are 100% American sourced and made. Also, we have six years without a single health concern from a customer. Our point is that we believe in only the best vape experience and that includes the safety of what goes into your vape liquid.

How this can benefit you

This is really an opportunity that can benefit you from several perspectives. First, you are getting a quality product for an ML and MG based pricing structure. Therefore you save tons of money with the nicotine solution offered here. Second, you are getting the bulk price offers that usually go to brick and mortar stores. That means if you are looking to bulk up on cheap ejuice, you can totally do so here. Third, if you are looking to open a vape store then you could easily buy in bulk straight from the website.

Bradley Collins