Vape Juice Beginnings | We’re the Cheapest with Quality

One Day my Wife looked over at me in 2012 and said “I honestly feel like it’s time to quit smoking cigarettes”. I try my best to always serve my wife to the best of my abilities. She is a paraplegic and has been in a wheelchair the majority of our marriage. So when she said those words, quit smoking, I knew it was time to take action. That is where my passion for making a nicotine alternative began

We only made 10ml bottles at start because our concept was to provide REAL flavors. We considered what happens after you stop smoking, your health starts to improve first but you get some major food cravings. So we tested it out and guess what? Many people enjoy the fact they can stay away from the food they are craving and vape it instead. So when shopping Dirt Cheap Ejuice you will only get flavors that you know and love. Flavors like candy, cakes, beverages, and all sorts of REAL flavors. Oh and the flavoring we use is legit and super high quality. We seek to provide only the BEST ingredients. So rest assured all of our ingredients are of the highest quality and come from the United States.

Finally, everyone else and I would recommend you do not vape if you have never started smoking nor vaping. We are here to provide a cheaper alternative to using combustible tobacco. So enjoy having the best tasting ejuice for super cheap because we’re the cheapest with quality!